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Teresa Sites

Teresa Sites


Artist Work

Multi-Colored Fish
Ink and Marker
8" x 8"
Chick in Landscape
mixed media collage
10" x 10" framed
Gummy Bears
Ink and Watercolor
10" x 10' framed
Brick Wall
Spray Paint on Paper
9" x 8.5" inches
Oil on Canvas
48" x 48"
Ink and Marker
8" x 8"

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I develop artwork that explores a sense of visual rhythm in everyday life because on the one hand I am interested in re-contextualizing and sublimating our everyday surroundings in terms of the poetry of music, and on the other hand am exploring the humor and irony inherent within the patterns of everyday. What if everyday surroundings, filled with rhythms and repetition, could suggest that our lives are filled with music? My work explores rhythms in terms of visual media that we might encounter from the everyday landscape to the spontaneous qualities of street art to marketing and advertisements. I present sound and text as two-dimensional images and seek to re-frame aspects of American popular culture from a subjective, personal standpoint. Rhythm functions as a crucial element of design in my work, serving as a visual element in compositions as well as a metaphorical beat. I am interested in as the impossibility of translating intangibles, such as audio, into tangible imagery and I am fascinated by the notion that we are surrounded by visual rhythms in our everyday life. I work in a variety of media including mixed media, spray paint, oil and acrylic paint, digital photography, drawing, and installation.

Artist Bio

Teresa Sites studied English and Studio Art at Georgetown University where she received her BA in 2006. She earned her MFA from George Washington University in Painting and Drawing in 2010. Her artwork explores the question: What if everyday surroundings, filled with rhythms and repetition, could suggest that our lives are filled with music?  She is a current resident artist at Artist and Makers Studios in Rockville, Maryland. Her artwork is in private collections, the collection of the Brooklyn Art Library, and has most recently been featured on ARTSLANT's "Under the Radar."