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Artist Work

Cityscape 2020
Acrylics, canvas and clear varnish
20 X 20 inch
Quatantined 2020
Acrylic, clear varnish
24 inch X 30 inch
Acrylics, clear varnish
24 inch X 36 inch
Caged Summer
Acrylic, house paint, clear varnsih
30 x 40 inch
Acrylics on canvas, clear varnish
24 x 36 inch
New York 2020
Acrylic on Canvas, clear varnish
16 x 20 inch

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Personal statement: From the Brush of Scient(Art)ist! My name is Shyam Rele and I am a trained biomedical scientist, nanotechnologist and innovator by profession. As a scientist I have always wondered how could I practice art. Rationalizing mixing chemicals and reagents for developing drugs/vaccines and processes comes naturally to me and is second nature; but how do I integrate the subconscious and bring together elements of science to art and chemistry of colors to symmetry, texture, form and space? They seem like polar opposites - one data-driven, the other driven by emotion, perception of sense, feeling and yet very necessary for each other’s coexistence. Being a scientist focused on cutting edge research, I have always been driven to explore, understand and design and develop solutions for the unknown. While scientifically, this led to design of experiments and analysis, artistically this has manifested in me synthesizing and exploring relationships of forms and symmetry, patterns and textures and engaging them with colors resulting in abstraction capable of some sort of deeper emotional meaning, understanding and feeling. Majority of my paintings have therefore evolved from a subconscious sensibility and internal thought process that is transcending, colorful and yet simple, evocative and resonating. On a personal level, my art work was also fueled by an emotional urge and creative impulse to teach art/painting to my 6-year daughter some years back with the motivation to engage her in fun activities and bring out her creative juices and make her aware of her surroundings and senses. While I am not a formally trained artist, the core of my art is inspired and influenced by simplicity and freedom in abstraction, bold shapes, forms, symmetry, images, vibrancy and interplay of colors, textures and complexity in nature, science and the world around and how these individual components blend and resonate together cohesively and form a core relationship to the self. My art collection is therefore named “Vibes of Resonance” Modern Abstract Art Creations. I use materials such as acrylics, house paint, gesso, gloss varnish, mixed media (sheetrock/plaster, molding paste), patterned shapes such as legos, doilies, stamps etc. Creating abstract expressionism brings joy to my life and I hope to create emotions through the vibrant color display that would add value and bring joy to the lives of others.

Artist Bio

Shyam Rele, Ph.D

14022 Great Notch Terrace

 919.428.3949; email:


  • Budding artist for 5 years in abstract modern art who is a scientific innovator.
  • Developed a portfolio of exploratory paintings called “VIBES of RESONANCE” with varied colors, patterns, forms and sensibilities.
  • Art work curated and selected for display at the following art exhibits
    • Big, Bold and Beautiful, Jul 6-Aug 28, 2018: 4 arts works displayed at Bohrer Park Community Center)

  • Exploring Mixed Media, Sep14 - Nov19: 3 art works displayed at Kentlands Mansion)

  • 2019 Spring (ongoing) - Emerging artist, Mar 15 -Apr 22: 1 art piece displayed at Bohrer Park Community Center

  • 2018 LeSalon – The Artist Gallery, Aug 3-26: 3 art works displayed, 1 SOLD
  • Can design customizable art of different shapes, sizes for personal use, interior design and home decor.


Artistic Experience (Freelance)                                June 2013 – Present

  • Creator of modern abstract art portfolio “Vibes of Resonance”.
  • Materials used: canvas, acrylics, house paint, gesso, gloss varnish, modeling paste, mixed media/ plaster, shapes, painters tape, textures and layering, brushes, painting spatulas, wooden flanks.
  • Select art portfolio