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Shin Yeon Jeon

Shin Yeon Jeon


Artist Work

Masquerade - I
Porcelain Slip, colored slip, glaze, luster
4'x 5'x 3.5"
Head Totem - IX, VII, VI
2014, 2015
Raku fired, multiple fired stoneware, colored slip, ceramic decal, glaze, luster
42", 34", 35" tall each
Portrait & Moon jar
2014, 2015
Stoneware, colored slip, glaze, luster
12"x16"x9", 11"x12"x12"
Two Heads
Stoneware, colored slip, Raku glaze
12" x 12" x 7"
Wall Installation of Functional Wares and Sculptures
Stoneware, earthenware, Porcelain, colored slip, glaze, luster
4'x 6'x 7"
Head Totem - II, detail
Porcelain, glaze, luster

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

“Always driven by the invisible aspects of human life, I feel that emotions are the least visible and the most ephemeral elements of a human being. My goal is to depict the transient aspects of human emotions in solid ceramic sculpture, transforming them into a permanent state. Instead of a literal description of the human form, I attempt to suggest feelings by use of ambiguous facial expressions. The psychological presence and the emotional content in the work keep the vitality and integrity of artistic expression in my work.”

Artist Bio

Shin Yeon Jeon is a ceramic artist and writer, living in Cockeysville Maryland was born in Seoul Korea and came to America in 1996. She received B.F.A. in Oriental Painting from Ewha Womans University and earned her M.F.A. from Towson University. Since 2004, Shin Yeon has authored over fifty five articles published for the Ceramic Art Monthly in Korea, Ceramics: Art and Perception in Australia and Ceramics Technical in the U.S. introducing American ceramic art world and well known individual artists. Summer 2013, she was invited to present “American Ceramic Artists and Their Works –I, II” and led a workshop “Narrative Portrait Bust” to the international audiences at the Ceramic Creative Center, Clayarch GimHea Museum in Korea. She has been actively working in Washington DC and Baltimore area and taught various Ceramics, The Human Figure and Modeling: Concept & Process, 3D Process classes for the past nine years at Towson University. Her work can be seen at .