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Artist Work

Sopa de la adivinacin
oil onn canvas
58" x 48"
My Private Tsunami
oil on canvas
48" x 60"
Teddy bear's picnic
oil on linen
58 x 50
goin bananas
oil on canvas
48"x 54"
Room with a view
oil on canvas
36" x 60"
The Sacrifice of Montynegro
oil on canvas
48" x 54"

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Artist Journey and Statement After years of roaming the back streets of Santa Fe and Key West, and Central America Laffal found the moody colors and emotional intensity of Latin culture infusing her work - an influence that's still evident today. In 1986 she returned to the nation's capital, where she spent a decade exploring sculpture as a way of extending her visual vocabulary. She developed a series of large scale garment/shrowd sculptures whose intricately painted surfaces and dramatic fossal-like female forms became her trademark. But her need to tell a more intimate and less abstract story inspired her to seriously explore figurative painting. "A certain kind of magic happens when you're lost in your work. Invariably, I am amazed and illumined by it. To be honest, I have no "mission" as an artist. The goal is to do that thing that I'm compelled to do. " Current Work Portrait Fiction In my new oil paintings I try to explore the merging of contemporary human experience with the primitive, hidden part of us that seems headed for extinction. Using the genre of portrait painting, which is a departure from my previous fictionalized characters, I use the portrait as a vehicle for exploring a person's more viceral self. Wether through the use of an allagorical tableaux or juxtaposing imagery I strive to provoke and reveal one's true nature and beauty .

Artist Bio

Born in Washington, D.C., in 1952, EDUCATION Maryland Art Institute, Baltimore, Maryland Emma Lake Art Community (Maryland Art Institute Affiliate) Sasketchewan, Canada California Institute Of The Arts, Valencia, CA 2002 Masters Class, Phillip Pearlstein, Corcoran Museum, Wash., DC SELECTED GROUP and SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1979 4 Woman Artists; , Sarasota, Florida, Florida Fine Arts Council 1980 Emerging Female Voice, Thomas Center Gallery, University Florida Gainsville 1982 Tampa Bay '82, Tampa Museum, Tampa, Florida 1983 Hot Laps; Solo Show, Joan Hodgell Gallery, Sarasota, Florida 1984 Group Show, Joan Hodgell Gallery, Sarasota, Florida 1985 Group Show, Joan Hodgell Gallery, Sarasota, Florida 1988 2nd Annual Humor Show, Zenith Gallery, Washington,DC 1989 Debut Solo Show, Zenith Gallery, Washington D.C., 1990 Off The Wall, Quadrangle Developement Corp., Washington, DC, 1990 International Sculpture '90, Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland, 1991 Art About Function, Washington Square, Washington, DC.., 1991 Secret Lives, Solo Show, Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC 1992 Personal adornment, Textile Arts Centre, Chicago,IL 1993 Decorators' Show House, for Bloomingdales, Washington, DC., 1994 Indigo Galleries, Boca Raton, Florida., 1994 Art Across The Borders, The Art Museum Of The Americas, Washington, DC., 1995 Figurative Show Waxlander Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1996 Gallery Artists, Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC 1998 Treeman- Human, 20th , Zenith Gallery, Wash., DC 1999 Washington Square, Wash., D.C. 2000 Tyson II Corporate Headquarters, McLean, VA., 2001 Touchstone Gallery, Wash, DC 2002 Angels and Messengers, The Dennis & Phillip Ratner Museum, Bethesda, MD SELECTED COLLECTIONS The Hechinger Collection, Washington,D.C. The collection of Robert Kogad, Washington D.C. The collection of Andria and Harvey Boyarsky-Maisel, Potomac, Maryland The collection of Rhonda Levitt, Coral Gables, Florida The collection of Dr. Jack Costa, Reston, Virginia The collection of Prince Bendar - of Saudia Arabia The collection of Prince Moataz Al Saud Abdulaziz, McLean, VA The collection of Erwin Katz, Bethesda, Maryland and many more...