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Artist Work

Enamel, silver, electroformed copper
5.25" 3.5" x .5"
Floral Crown
Enamel, copper electroform, 24k gold, silver
3" x 4" x 5." 20"long
Elegant Gesture
Enamel, silver, electroformed copper, 24k gold, Onyx
4" x 1.25" x .5" 19.5"long
Enamel, slilver, electroformed copper
3.5" x 3.5" x .5"
Arow Plume
Enamel, Silver, electroformed copper
4.20" x 1.80" x .5"
Regal Dancer
Enamel, silver, electroformed copper, mother of pearl, fur
5.25" x 3.20" x .75 x 20" long

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

These pieces are created to celebrate form and the sensuous nature of the human consciousness. They are meant to be universal in appeal and personal in effect. When worn they should interact with the figure as a sculptural piece using the body as its pedestal. The rich color is created by the primitive use of a brush stroke; the application of enameling is involved, in its history and process. In this work I try to capture the seduction of color and form, while exploring the human spirit and creating works that beg to be worn. Through my work, I seek to address specific intrinsic aspects of natural human emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Through the use of form, color, surface and materials, my pieces attempt to capture these primal expressions of our humanity. Each piece concentrates on a specific characteristic or a basic chord in life. Such ideas include sensuality, strength, curiosity, rage, feelings of nurturing and being nurtured as well as the need to work, play, or think. I deal with issues that are honest, true, pure, personal and universal. I construct these three dimensional pieces first in wax then they are electroformed into copper and then each form is enameled with various forms of experimental Enamels. This lends my ideas a contextual medium. I use color and texture to give personality and feeling to each form. The combination of these elements allows each piece to express its individual personality while uniting the work through common materials and techniques. I liken this to human beings. Every individual has unique features and a unique personality. However, each being is created in the same way and composed of the same materials, namely flesh and blood. Thus, we are individual human beings belonging to the same human race.

Artist Bio

Shana Kroiz is a native Baltimorean and currently the Special Events and Workshop Coordinator, and founder of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Jewelry Center where she is also an instructor and studio Artist. She Exhibits her “One of a Kind” sculptural enamel and metalwork nationally and internationally. Her work is in the Permanent Collections of the Museum of Art and Design and the Racine Art Museum. She received her BFA with Honors from Parsons School of Design and her MFA from Towson State University. She has been published in several books including: The Penland Book of Jewelry: Master Classes in Jewelry Techniques 500 Brooches: Inspiring Adornments for the Body THE FINE ART OF THE TIN CAN The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration COLOR ON METAL: 50 Artist Share Insights and Techniques ONE OF A KIND: American Art Jewelry Today Kroiz is a member of the Facets collective and also a founding member of the MGM and is currently the co-president.