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Sera Boeno

Sera Boeno

Artist Work

Kelimeler Kiyafetsiz (:Words Naked / Are Not Enough) -Monument III, Ornaments I-VII
Kelimeler Kiyafetsiz (:Words Naked / Are Not Enough) - Monument II
Installation, prints on concrete, oil, charcoal
Kelimeler Kıyafetsiz (:Words Naked/Are Not Enough)
concrete, pigment, charcoal
168", 168", 74'
Kelimeler Kiyafetsiz (: Words Naked/Are Not Enough) - Ornament IV-VI
3-D prints casted in Bronze
L to R: 5” x 3.5” x 5”, 2” x 2” x 2”, 1.5” x 5”x 1.5”
Anneanne Serisi – Mekke’den Hurma (: Grandmother Series – Dates from Mecca)
Cast bronze
.25” x .25 x 1”
Anneanne Serisi - Neriman için Anıt Önergesi (Penelope) (:Grandmother Series - Proposal for a Monument for Neriman ((Penelope))
Sewing needles, thread, hair
2” x .25 x 1.5”

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Silenced topics –politics, sex, religion, psychology, trauma– are central to my artistic inquiry. I explore these topics by re-placing the personal and finite within the universal and perpetual. I seal in wax and catalog memories; I make objects out of experiences with mental illness; I sculpt news stories of victims of “honor” killings; I install women’s relationships with their bodies on walls; I erect stele from misogynist quotes by Turkish politicans; I collect small, intimate bits of information, and re-contextualize them in larger discourses. This transformation of particular, evanescent stories into public, enduring narratives is a constant in my work; the subject matter varies.

Artist Bio

Sera Boeno (1991) is a sculptor and installation artist from Istanbul, Turkey. Her praxis is research-based and heavily influenced by the socio-politics of her motherland, Turkey. Narratives of and around women in historically silenced topics –politics, sex, religion, trauma– are central to her work. Concrete, metal, wood, found objects make the foundations of her practice. Boeno holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College with in Neuroscience and Studio Art, and an M.F.A from Rinehart School of Sculpture at Maryland Institute College of Art with focuses in curatorial practice, critical studies and art education. She is the recipient of several awards and grants including the Hamitonian Fellowship and Amalie Rothschild '34 Award for her work. Boeno has worked in various creative projects between Turkey, Japan and the United States. She is currently based in Baltimore, MD.