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Sean Kenny

Sean Kenny


Artist Work

Song of Songs
Light Installation
The Collective
Light Installation
Ring of Fire
Light Installation
Chronos (Phase 1)
Light Installation
40" x 80"
Light Installation
Light Installation

Ring of Fire

The Collective

Song of Songs

Sean Michael Kenny Cipher


Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Media Arts, Other, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Modality - a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed If one were to describe my work in one word it is Modality. In such that my work exists, is expressed and must be experienced to understand the multi dimensions and its completeness. Modality is like a romantic symphony in which light is its melody. The rhythm is the oscillation between emptiness and fulfillment, my anger and peace, darkness and light, the conscious and subconscious. The emptiness in my work is revealed once the light is observed, this is the pulse. The interaction of the light benches, lens, motors, focal lengths and distance within the empty space creates the harmony. Of course quantum physics and quantum mechanics, Jungian psychology, Topology and Theology are a few of the other sounds in the universe. What I offer you the observer is an experience like no other. I am the conductor in which I orchestrate these visions.

Artist Bio

Sean Michael Kenny is a light artist utilizing various optics to create multi-dimensional work which is described as The Modality. The Modality refers to a particular mode in which something is expressed or experienced. In this case, the Modality is evoked in reference to the complexity of his light installations.


Recently, for Baltimore’s Light City 2018 event, Neighborhood Lights  project “Feel”, Sean wil utilized a myriad of lights, lenses and reflective material to manipulate the physical properties of light and the emptiness of space to create works of art.  Locations will include The Bromo Seltzer Tower, and Cazbar. These will include light installations and projections, and the birth and growth of ‘lensing.’


As part of Brilliant, collaborations between artists and neighborhood businesses during Light City, live model couture called “The Collective” will blend light art, dance, sound and fine dining into an immersive experience at the restaurant, Cazbar, located on Charles Street in Mount Vernon.


Sean’s work is like a romantic symphony in which light is its melody.  This expression creates a new universe as light dances throughout the space, seemingly out of nowhere, extracting what is unseen and making it visible. The refraction, reflection and recreation of light redefines the empty space, transforming what is empty into a new dimension.



Selected Exhibitions        


Light City, Neighborhood Lights 2018

Bromo Seltzer Tower – Feel – Light City 2018

Brilliant Baltimore – The Collective, 2018

ManneqArt, Laurel 2017

Artdromeda, Baltimore 2017

Artomatic, Baltimore MD 2016

GoCanvas, Reston VA 2016

Refraction, Reston VA 2016

Hotel Brexton, Baltimore MD2016

Bromo Seltzer Tower, Baltimore MD2016

Glam Baltimore, MD 2016

10 Light Street, Baltimore MD 2016

Lord Baltimore, Baltimore MD 2015

MAP, Baltimore MD 2015

Towson Arts Collective, Baltimore MD 2015

Ocean City Art Center, Ocean City MD 2015

Gallery 50, Rehoboth Beach DE 2014

Refraction, Reston VA 2014

Discovery Museum, Wichester VA 2014

1LB Gallery, Winchester VA 2014

Nuit Blanc, Washington DC 2013

Batista Fine Art, Washiongton DC 2013

Jordan Faye Contemporary, Baltimore MD 2012

Batista Fine Art, Washington DC 2012

Jordan Faye Contemporary, Baltimore MD 2011

InLight, Richmond, VA 2010

X Initiative, New York, NY

BYOA 2010 Fellowship Bible Church, Winchester, VA 2009

Fellowship Bible Church, Winchester, VA 2008

Gallery Siano - Philadelphia, Pa - 2004

MonRho Gallery, Brownsville, Texas - 2003

Ira Pinto Gallery, Washington, DC -2002

The Art House, Leesburg, VA -2002

MonRho Gallery, Brownsville, Texas -2002

Ira Pinto Gallery. Washington, DC - 2001

The Art House, Leesburg, VA - 2001

Tea at Tyrconnell, Baltimore , MD - 2001

Ira Pinto Gallery, Washington, DC - 2000

The Art House, Leesburg, VA - 2000

Tea at Tyrconnell, Baltimore, MD - 2000

Foundry Gallery, Washington, DC - 2000

Foundry Gallery, Washington , DC -1999

Whitman Walker Clinic, Washington, DC -1999

Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC - 1999

Shenandoah University, Leesburg, VA - 1999

Rose Gallery, Leesburg, VA -1998

George Washington University, Virginia Campus - 1998


Selected Solo Exhibitions


Bromo Seltzer Tower – Feel – Light City – Baltimore, MD 2018

1LB Gallery, Winchester, VA April 2014

MonRho Gallery, Brownsville, Texas - April 2003

Ira Pinto Gallery, Washington, DC - March 2002

Ira Pinto Gallery, Washington, DC - September 2001

Foundry Gallery, Washington, DC - April 2000



Baltimore Office and Promotion of the Arts – Light City 2018

Baltimore Down Town Partnership – 2018

Bromo Arts District – 2018


Selected works are in Museum, Private and Corporate collections nationally and internationally.


Corcoran College of Art and Design 2007