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Scooter Johnson

Scooter Johnson


Artist Work

Acquisition of Knowledge
Oil on Canvas
24 in x 36 in
Several Points
Oil on Canvas
16 in x 20 in
Blossoming Dawn
Oil on Canvas
11 in x 24 in
Porch Rooster
Oil on Printed Image
5.5 in x 8.5 in
CAO Cigar
Oil on Canvas
11 in x 4 in
Green Eve
Oil on Canvas
14 in x 11 in

Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I strive to produce works of art that draw the viewer into a version of existence that blends our emotional and physical landscape into a form of being yet unrealized.

Artist Bio

 I have produced artwork almost my entire life and I find it to be both spiritually and intellectually engaging

and fullling. I have always enjoyed revealing unknowable worlds and views of a life accessible only through

one's imagination. My work has been inuenced by surrealism, ancient history, mathematics, and physics. I

have worked with many media, but I am drawn to pen and ink, oil, and airbrush on canvas or paper.

In many ways my artistic interest in exploring the unseeable universe led me to the study of physics. I

followed my passion for science and physics by pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and then a Ph.D. degree in physics.

During this time I continued to explore artistic techniques, such as photography, videography, graphic design,

and plein air. While my professional career has been in the sciences I have always continued to produce art to

share with others.