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Artist Work

Untitled (torso)
acrylic and oil on paper
57 x 48
Untitled (Bug)
acrylic and oil on paper
92 x 54 inches
bursa bregma
acrylic and oil on paper
84 x 54 inches

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Giant poured liquid forms transform into organic anatomical bodies in my recent series of paintings. Muscle-like pinks, greys and purples with veins of blood reds create the biomorphic language inside of the contained vertical figures on stark white paper. They are isolated on a ground of clinical or sterile white like a scientific phenonmenon or experiment. This body of paintings emerged from images of microscopic human anatomy, topographic maps and, astronomy. I see overlapping physical aspects in microscopic and macroscopic worlds that speak about interconnectedness between them. The synesthetic effect of visceral internal painting combined with the gigantic scale evokes something both familiar and alien. I relate to these concepts also explored by artists such as Kiki Smith, Ana Mendieta and, William Kentridge.

Artist Bio

Sarah Orner found art early on though her family of artists and musicians in Baltimore, Maryland. After receiving her BFA at Maryland Institute College of art and, her MA from New York University she came upon the opportunity to teach elementary art in Mexico City for one year. Traveling has made a great impression on Sarah’s artwork and her appreciation of art as a means of communication between cultures. Costa Rica, France, Spain, Greece, and Italy are among the countries where she has studied and exhibited art. She has also exhibited in galleries in Georgia, Hawaii, and around her hometown of Baltimore. Primarily painted and, drawn images of internal anatomy and imaginary landscapes make up her work, dealing with issues relating to the human body in the age of technology. Currently, Sarah resides in Baltimore and is making art and working at MICA.