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Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs


Artist Work

Ethosphere 7
oil on canvas
30 x 27 inches (76 x 69 cm)
Ethosphere 8
acrylic, paper, mirror, and wood
20.25 inches (51 cm) diameter
Ethosphere 5
Oil on Canvas
69 x 51.5 inches (175 x 131 cm)
Ethosphere 2
Oil on Canvas
57x33 inches (145 x 84 cm)
Ethosphere 6
Oil on Canvas
45 x 92 inches (115 x 235 cm)
Ethosphere 9
Oil on Canvas
32 x 28 inches (81 x 71 cm)

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

World travel has been a major influence on my art. I have sometimes been inspired by local traditions or ways of life that I’ve experienced in diverse places, but increasingly the compounded experience of often moving and adapting has given me a wide-view in which I have come to see different elements of society, philosophy, and the world at large interacting and changing in ways that are awe-inspiring, beautiful and exciting, yet frightening in their volatility. This awareness of a wider picture has heavily influenced my current series of abstract works. The ways in which representational artworks can incorporate symbolism are straightforward, but it is traditional to think of abstracts as purely aesthetic, mathematical, or theoretical. This is not the case with my abstracts. My new series of intricate showy paintings, Ethosphere, speaks of life's complications using the language of patterns, but rather than striving to offer an alternative it glorifies noise, complexity & entanglements. In the visual language of my series patterns representing various paradigms or weltanschauungen smash into other patterns in turbulent compositions. The patterns often meld together creating new amalgamations, which render the original compositions nearly imperceptible. The visual pleasure produced by these painted interactions is analogous to the beauty of complex societies & thought. Artists have used patterns for millennia. I choose to use them today because I trust in the validity and efficacy of that tradition, and because patterns are readable as symbols, yet adaptable and inconclusive. There is a fine line between symbolism and narrative, a fact of which I am very aware and always managing. This is part of what has led me to move into the world of abstraction, but I am still interested in the strong symbolic power of representational imagery. Patterns often incorporate identifiable images such as floral or animal motifs. This allows me wonderful freedom to use symbolic abstraction and representation simultaneously.

Artist Bio

Sarah Jacobs is represented within the Mid-Atlantic US region (Baltimore & Washington DC) by RandallScottProjects. Her giclee prints are non-exclusively dealt in the UK by Scream Editions.

Jacobs lives and works in Baltimore, USA. She recently moved back from 3 years living in the UK where she became a naturalized British citizen. Born in 1984 in West Virginia, Jacobs was raised in Adams County, Pennsylvania. She was educated in Art History at Gettysburg College and Syracuse University in Florence, Italy and received her Master’s of Fine Arts degree from the Hoffberger School of Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore in 2010.

Sarah recently won a 2014 - 2015 Arts Council England Grant to fund her 5 upcoming exhibitions. These include 2 solo exhibitions, one in Wroclaw, Poland and one in Westminser, USA, and 3 two-person exhibitions, one in London, one in Baltimore, USA, and another in Westminster, USA. For more details on these shows see the "upcoming events tab" above.

In 2012 Jacobs exhibited at Nord Art 2012 in Büdelsdorf, Germany, Atlanta, USA & London, UK. She also produced and curated an exhibition, Precious, in London. During 2011 she was a resident and grant recipient at the Denkmalschmiede Höfgen Artists Residency in Germany. In 2010 she was a London International Creative Competition shortlist winner, a Manifest Creative Research Gallery International Painting Competition shortlist winner, and participated in an artist residency at Lugar a Dudas in Cali, Colombia. She has curated Body Parts at the Hoffberger Gallery and Animal Attraction at the Whole Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland.