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Sallie Otenasek

Sallie Otenasek


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Harford County
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I have been surrounded by art, theater, and music all of my life.  Growing up I didn’t appreciate how much that would impact me, but now I know. My career started in the financial field but soon flowed into  print collateral, web design, digital marketing, and video production in a company I managed with my husband.  Anxious to get my hands into my own medium, I began painting.   As I got more serious, I took art classes at the local college which focused primarily on oil painting doing still lifes.  I learned a lot and enjoyed the classes but deep down there was something missing.  A few years later, at the local home store I noticed some wood shavings out front that were packaged and meant for burning.   I was struck by the grains and colors  as well as the cracks, holes and rough edges that made each board unique.  They were simply too beautiful to burn.  I brought the wood home, pulled out my acrylics, and started painting them.   I knew immediately that my canvas would be forever changed and that a unique style of art had been found which I call Woodscaping.

Woodscaping is the application of rich color layers to reclaimed wood boards that are then assembled and framed to create a rare composition of color and texture.  No two pieces are the same and the wood is kept in the raw state it was discovered.  It is those “imperfections” that give the art its’ depth and organic qualities that bring character to any space.  They feel like home again.

Sallie lives in Bel Air, Maryland with her husband Rick and their three children and two cats.  To contact her, please send email to