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Rui Fu

Rui Fu


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Performing @Today Museum of Art, Beijing, China.
Performing in Washington, D.C.

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Montgomery County
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Singer-songwriter Rui Fu specializes in improvisational and impressionistic interpretation of Chinese ethnic musical traditions, and modernist portrayals of ancient Taoist meditative musics. She has collaborated with musicians from over 20 minority tribes in experimental performances that explored the natural pace of the breath in relation to the gravitational tendencies of the body, and the musical direction that arises spontaneously as a result. Her storytelling is conveyed through several distinctive vocal profiles, and she is strongly influenced by the temporal, timbral, and rhythmic flexibilities exemplified through Chinese guqin notations. Through her music project, Yin, she initiates conversations between indigenous music cultures and rare instruments around the world, and she often employs her signature - non-lexical vocables as her own “language” and lyrics - to illustrate a crossing of cultural and religious barriers. Her performances have been featured on Chinese Central Television (CCTV) and Beijing Television (BTV). She received the CCTV Award for Exceptional Artist in 2014.

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