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Artist Work

24" x 36"
New York from the Air
Acrylic, tempera and enamel
24" x 30"
20" x 16"
Untitled: One
32" x 78"
Acrylic, tempera and enamel
108" x 72"
Into the Light
12" x 36"

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

My art reflects an expressive emotional response to my past, present and a projection of the future. As a creator of art, I apply the colored pigment onto the surface out of a necessity to transfer an internal emotion into an external form. Color is my language. It speaks to me. I lay it down in a dance with the surface and watch it take shape and form in its own time. The objective is to use color as an agent to define formation, shape and line as an expression of today, yesterday and the anticipated tomorrow. I am merely a conduit for the pigment and unable to walk away from its urgency and immediacy requiring my complete attention. It is a dance between me and the surface hearing only its music which compels me to create what never existed before. As I work, I see connections, images, signs and formations as the pigments moves, drips, bubbles, flows and travels along the confines of the space. I often manipulate the magic by rotating the canvas or using instruments to create an effect. The work becomes a manifestation of my spiritual vibration used as an expression of my compelling artistic need to communicate and a repository for my talent. The first level of imagery is never acceptable, so I continue to add numerous tiers until I reach satisfaction. It reflects an effort to breathe new life into an old genre of painting which must compete with the contemporary movements of today. My work is a transmittal of color, form and density rendering new discoveries with each viewing.

Artist Bio

Rosetta DeBerardinis is a visual artist born in New York City who resides in Maryland. Her paintings, sculpture and urban drawings have been exhibited internationally in museum group shows and in solo exhibitions at commercial galleries and art venues. She is featured in the recent book 100 Artists of Washington, DC by art critic /curator F. Lennox Campello and Thinking About Art by J.T. Kirkland. Over the past decade, the artist has completed two studio residencies, been featured in magazines and newspapers, written art reviews for D.C. Art News blog, lectured for Golden Artist Colors and in 2007 awarded Liquitex’s Art of the Month.

DeBerardinis uses color as a material. Her work is a culmination of abstract expressionism, gestural, action painting and Colorfield. Creating work up to 9 ft., she does not fear the blank canvas nor is she intimidated by its large empty spatial plane. Using various instruments besides a brush, her gloved hand is her most important tool. Her oeuvre includes paintings, pen and ink urban drawings and three-dimensional work assembled using found objects.

Her art education began at age five by attending Pratt Institute’s children’s program where she studied for several years. DeBerardinis is a graduate of Vassar College and holds degrees from the University of the District of Columbia and the University of Baltimore School of Law. She is an avid reader and a publisher writer.