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Rose Anderson

Rose Anderson


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Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

ARTIST STATEMENT I gather photographic specimens while searching wild, untouched places for whispers of humanity in nature. My photos illustrate a story outside of our social constructs and outside the time and space that encloses the human narrative. Nature becomes a way to put the human condition in a larger context, providing sanctuary and a path to understanding ourselves.

Artist Bio




Rose Anderson was born in the late 1970s to a poor and extremely religious family in southern Maryland. Seeking to resolve her internal struggle with the indoctrination and isolation that defined her early life, Anderson secretly studied nature, history, and the arts. As a young adult, she broke away from her childhood religious community to enter mainstream society and build a life and career. She began experimenting with digital photography and Photoshop to create a visual representation of her inner world and in 2014 began exhibiting as a professional artist in universities, galleries, and science and natural history organizations. Anderson now lives just outside Baltimore, using her property adjacent Gunpowder Falls State Park as a center for building community around nature and the arts.

Anderson’s work has been exhibited a the Irvine Nature Center,  George Mason University, Baltimore County Public Library, Maryland Natural History Society, Baltimore World Trade Center, and Full Circle Gallery.  Her work was featured on Maryland Public Television (MPT) weekly program Artworks, and selected for smART stART, Cheryl McGinnis Projects, a Facebook Live Global Broadcast highlighting important artists.