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Robert Blount

Robert Blount


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Baltimore County
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Literary Arts, Media Arts, Other, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Robert E. Blount Jr. was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended the Baltimore City Public Schools and graduated Morehouse College with a degree in Public relations .  Robert  also holds two major awards for professional excellence in Public Relations.  Having an undeniably life-long love and appreciation for Family History, Story-telling, and Pan-African / world history , Blount proclaims, “ History and Arts is in everything we do.”  

“We all have an unique story to tell, so Art is simply an obligation for all of us to creatively share our wisdom. From day one of our existence, we are each teachers of life and self-expression.”  Having worked in five major markets: Atlanta, Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  his record-setting National Print, Social marketing, and Digital Sales are unmatched by any of his competitors in the Black Newspaper industry.  Robert's diverse experiences - traditional public relations and developing unique promotional programs; to key positions at leading national PR Firms, his dedication to Art is in perfect company. The ROBERT BLOUNT Collection continues to build his legacy of education.

Today, Robert is the Art Instructor for the DAWSON Safe Haven Center in East Baltimore, Maryland and the Print/Digital/Social Media Advertising Manager for the 125 year old AFRO American Newspaper headquartered in Baltimore., MD. He continues his commitment after over 20 years of dedication to the AFRO and the BLACK PRESS. In 2016, The AFRO commisssioned The ROBERT BLOUNT Collection to produce the AFRO American Newspapers' 125th Anniversary image  for the 2017 Celebration activites.

The Robert Blount Collection will entertain the mind, body and soul; and, the vivid recollections will educate and amaze generations to come.