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Artist Work

Joy Explosion
mobile: aluminum sails on hammered aluminum rods
4 ft x 4 ft
Two Moons (model for large mobile)
hammered bronze and copper
width: 12 inches, height: 11 inches

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Most of my pieces are mobiles. I'm aware of two influences from my childhood that seem to have something to do with my fascination with balance and forms that grow upward. The first is that, as a toddler, I was a very confident tree climber. I was drawn to climb to the tops of young trees. I was less confident about getting down than going up. As I got bigger, I climbed bigger trees ? and I climbed higher. What I remember more than the climbing was hugging the highest branches and swaying with the trees as the wind blew through them. I felt as though I was part of the tree. The second influence was the time I spent growing up in Panama. After spending the first eight years of my life on Long Island, my father moved us to Panama, where he had been born. I wasn't so aware of it then, but the tropical vegetation has stuck with me. The older I get, the more plants I keep in my home. They seem to be more than just reminders of my childhood. Somehow, I "need" to have them around me. And they show up in my mobiles. Some mobiles, like some of my hammered bronze pieces, are very recognizable as plants. With others, it is less obvious. But for me they are all like plants. Some grow in a very orderly, predictable fashion, while others are unruly and full of subtle surprises.

Artist Bio

Education: Univ.of VA, Charlottesville, BA, Psychology, 1967, Temple Univ. MBA, 1977 I have shown at the following: -AIA Baltimore, June-Aug, 2005 -Annmarie Gardens Museum, Dowell,MD May-June, 2008 -Carroll Co.Arts Council, Westminster,MD June-Nov, 2009 -Rawlings Botanical Conservatory, Baltimore, MD October, 2009 2009-2010:President,Baltimore Sculptors,Inc