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Artist Work

Nesting gears
metal, transmission parts
6" wide, 3" tall, 3" deep
Artscape Sculpture 2012
highway signs, metal, paint
11ft tall x 3ft wide x 3ft wide

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Taken for granted, machines often are; neglected, abused, used up for all of their worth, then tossed aside. Assume and consume. The very individual parts that make up the machines around us may as well be paper cups at the water fountain. The discarded deserve another chance. Formerly functional found objects constructed/composed into flowers from the fields where post-apocalyptic fauna roam, vessels of light from where cars dream, insects to live longer than we. Monsters commission trees. Frogs are made from bolts and chain; whatever it takes to survive. My intention is plain; thwarting preconceived notions of the simple beauties of natural composition and from whence they come. They come from my mind, and a pile of scrap. Use it up, wear it out, make it do.

Artist Bio

Born with a brown thumb and having developed a proclivity for machines, what has followed is almost ‘natural’: I learned to weld by working for another artist on a group project. It was not studied theory in as much as it was, ‘this is how you do it, you’ll figure it out when you get it’. Hobbies kits of my youth, and being my dad’s eyes and memory when we fixed my junk car(s), led to me fixing my own junk cars and maintaining my own vintage motorcycle. I’ve always been an artist, working mostly in printmaking. But welding, coupled with gearhead skills, became a catalyst for even more creativity.