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Regina Holliday

Regina Holliday


Artist Work

The Menu Set
4 feet x 4 feet
"The Embrace"
3 feet by 3 feet
The Walking Gallery of Healthcare

The Walking Gallery of Healthcare

Artist Information

Garrett County
Artistic Category

Performing Arts, Traditional Arts

Artist Statement

When I begin to explain what I do, people often interrupt with the question, “So are you an art therapist?” I explain no. Art therapy is great and art has so much power to heal. But I use art in a way that goes beyond the therapeutic goal. I use art to share stories. I use art to create public policies that are patient centric and I focus my art on the world of healthcare.

Artist Bio

Regina Holliday is an activist, artist, speaker and author.   You might see her at a health conference painting the content she hears from the patient view.  In 2009, she painted a series of murals depicting the need for clarity and transparency in medical records. This advocacy mission was inspired by her late husband Frederick Allen Holliday II and his struggle to get appropriate care during 11 weeks of continuous hospitalization at 5 facilities. Her paintings became part of the national debate on health care reform and helped guide public policy.   

She also began an advocacy movement called “The Walking Gallery.” The Gallery consists of medical providers and advocates who wear patient story paintings on the backs of business suits. Paint and patients, pills and policy all come together within The Walking Gallery of Healthcare.  This "walking wall" of 300+ individuals who wear personal patient narrative paintings on their backs is changing minds and opening hearts.  Regina also published an art book with the help of the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) entitled: "The Walking Wall: 73 Cents to the Walking Gallery."