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Rebecca Rothey

Rebecca Rothey


Artist Work

Dance as if Nobody's Watching
16" x 20"
Comfy in Their Skin
16" x 20"
Men Moving Mirror
16" x 20"
12" x 12"
Old World Chinese Couple
16" x 20"
Shall we Dance
16" x 20"

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Photography offers the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the world around me. When I am making photographs, I slow down and observe moments that I would otherwise miss. Time stops, my mind frees while my eyes roam and my finger clicks, as if on impulse. Working primarily in black and white removes distractions and allows me to focus on the emotion and geometry of a scene. I enjoy finding, or creating, playful or ironic situations; I value classic moments. I make photographs because there are endless dramas to be remembered, large and small, that might otherwise go unnoticed or imaged.

Artist Bio

~~Rebecca Rothey studied photography under Geoff Delanoy while working towards her undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, Maryland. She was an adult, part-time student and photography allowed her a much-needed creative respite from the pressures of work and school. She has continued making images since her graduation in 2007.

Her earliest influence was The Family of Man. Her parents owned it and she recollects looking over and over again at the images of the children depicted. Her childhood memories of being in the darkroom as her father developed images are among fondest. Her grandfather was an avid street photographer using a Leica M5 and her mother was a professional artist and watercolorist.

Rothey learned photography by developing film and making her own gelatin silver prints using traditional darkroom techniques. She worked in the darkroom for ten years before purchasing her first digital camera in 2008. The challenge of learning to interpret a negative continues to inform her current use of digital imaging software, especially her black and white work.

In 2006, she took a workshop with Peter Turnley, photojournalist and humanitarian street photographer, who inspired a love for street photography. She continues to make images of candid moments of people. Her enjoyment of finding images during daily life led her to this series of images of steps. One day she simply lowered the camera and discovered a new way of observing passing moments, sometimes including people and sometimes not, though people are always implied.

Rothey’s image Old World Chinese Couple was awarded Best Image of the Year 2014-2015 by the Baltimore Camera Club and her image Comfy in Their Skin was awarded the Best Image of the Year 2011-2012. Comfy in Their Skin was featured in the Reader’s Gallery of B+W Photography in June 2014.  Her image Ask Fred was awarded Best Monochrome Image of the Year 2014 by the Baltimore Camera Club.

Parisian with Poodle was given a gold medal in the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards’ first Portraits and People 2011 book and was awarded honorable mention in The Photo Review’s 2011 Photo Competition and by the IPA Lucie Awards in 2006. Men Moving Mirror was awarded Best Monochrome Image of the Year by the Baltimore Camera Club in 2009 and was included in the annual single image competition in Black and White Magazine in 2011.

Rothey is based in Baltimore, Maryland and works as a philanthropic advisor at the Johns Hopkins University. Her work has been shown locally, published in various regional publications and juried into group exhibitions nationally. She enjoys the visual inspiration provided by local and international travel.