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Raouda Hejazi

Raouda Hejazi

Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Bio

I am a Syrian-American Artist and Designer. I enjoy a range of fine and digital arts such as logo design, ceramics, woodworking, digital photography, painting, and drawing. I also enjoy incorporating light in my artwork. My current work primarily focuses on painting.

I believe in creating art that evokes peaceful, pleasant, and positive emotions. I also try to put order in the middle of chaos to mimic a world in which we, humans, are often challenged to comprehend, with the intent to promote a positive attitude in life. Through my work, I always aim to create simple, clean, yet intriguing and unique designs.

I use Islamic geometry as the vehicle to deliver my ideas and as a source of inspiration. I'm also inspired by the contrast of order and chaos in nature. I enjoy breaking the curve with a straight line and vice versa. My palette is mostly bright and joyful to promote positivity and optimism.