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Rachel Pope

Rachel Pope


Artist Work

Recycle Newspaper
30in h x 20in w
He Touched Me
1ft.w x 1ft.H
Creative Family event
The family created pins using recycle newspaper.
Keep Prince George's County Beautiful
24in W x 26in H
Leo the lion
Make up and face paint
On my face

Artist Information

Prince George's County
202-679-1360 or 530-428-5697
Artistic Category

Other, Performing Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Art is an holistic process to help people to heal from the inside out.

Artist Bio

Rachel Pope is Visual Artist, Transformation Artist, MUA, Art Consultant, Artist in Resident, and Art Advocate. Rachel is an Artist in Resident for DC Commission on the Arts and Humanity, The Prince George's Arts Council and Gateway CDC. You can research her information in the National Museum Women in the Art Library, She offers arts in education workshops, art parties for everyone, remote stress management sessions and demos. Services for health fairs, businesses, private one on one, and she creates newspaperture sculptures for collectors as far as West Germany. Ms. Pope Travel to inner city schools and offers her Arts in education program called Kits 4 Kids projects, Art in Community for health fairs, businesses to share her artistic health and education projects. She has an remote Art and Wholistic specialist team to educate the young and old about health awareness, environment on recycling, discipline, the business of art and compassion, mentoring. This way she is able to combines the arts, earth, and humanity together. People visit Ms. Pope Studio so they can experience a personal relation with a true artist in her own rights. This is where they are able rejuvenating their creative energy, at the same time they learn how to relax their mind and they find their purpose in life. After their transformative sleep they get up with more clarity and purpose. In her studio they can even share their testimony by drawing, painting, and write what they seen. What a great way to release their stress in an artistic way to heal from within. This is way she is called the artist healer because of the peace she carry within her heart and the healing touch she's blessed to have and share with other. People just love to be in her presence of her glow karma. She's funded by grants, commissions and in kind donation. You can join her patron program and this is a win win concept for everyone. Another way to support is to purchase a sculpture it helps fund her projects to continue offering these services for our community. This inspiration behind her artistry: In the beginning of 1995, Ms. Pope's creative genre elements of arts started during her own personal experience of using art as a form of self therapy for healing. She experienced its impact, while suffering from Fibromyalgia Syndrome. The symptom is caused by emotional stress along with other complication. This syndrome has changed her life, but it has not stopped her spirit. This was her silent years; her hair inspirited this twisting technique. When her hair had fallen out do to the medication and it grew back curly. She began to experience with art by twisting newspaper to help recapture that circulation and motor skill in her hands, fingers, wrist and shoulders. She has found out the importance of breathing the right way to help her go into a transformation deep sleep and experience. This is how she found her purpose for life. If this form of healing can help relax her minds, body and spirit she new that the public should be aware of this transition. Now she is living out her purpose in life to the fullest. From her twenty four years of research on alternative preventions, see knows that people really need to be more conscious of their health more and if they do they would be much happier because they are balanced. She is an art advocate to introduce arts in health and education. Today Ms. Pope is an Artist Healer and she helps people who suffers from emotional stress, sleep problems, who need to find their purpose in life, to restore the immune system, relaxing the mind, unleash creative blockage, who needs a transform deep sleep. Anyone who needs these services call her and make your appointment 202-679-1360 or or Now she is seeking corp. sponsors to help her to travel to different communitairs to help build healthier homes. She would like to purchase a Georgetown RV. If you can help her to complete this dream please give her a call. Don’t delay call today 202-679-1360 Remember to support your local artist and see what they need to enhance their talent and keep them thriving in this 21st century. Peace and Love to all who reads Ms. Pope profile.