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Peter Barry

Peter Barry


Artist Work

No. 7, Times Square
Pear Portal
Formally known as fireplace.
Pencil sharpened

Artist Information

Baltimore City
443 509 1695
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

...Making photographs has always been satisfying for me, and to me. The process is effortless, it's not a job or a profession, or a vocation. It is the state of awareness of my surroundings, or parts of it. It is swimming and dancing in a space that is as large as my vantage point. It is a quiet solitary place where, space is weighed, colors and tones are felt, and time is selected, the finger tip then contracts, and an exposure is made. There is a playfulness to letting go and not thinking about the image, just felling it. It is like balancing on narrow footing, you just make balance by moving and finding that spot, the viewpoint. And then the satisfaction is revisited when composing the enlarged image on an enlarging easel, or monitor, then to see as the positive form comes to life in a tray of chemicals. And again, looking at the print, or a projection on a screen, I can feel the time and space, the location. or the person's expression again. I do it for me, I look to see, camera or not.

Artist Bio

Born New York City, 1945.

1959 High School of Art & Design, Photography.

2000 Maryland State Arts Council Grant.

2010 FotoGrafia Festival, Rome, Italy.

   Observational from birth, expressive soon after, 50 some since making my first exposure. New York City (Manhattan) born, Subway raised, Public, (Art & Design) High school.

Working on Project:  "R.I.P. BALTIMORE", 20 year project, bringing awareness to the ongoing murder rate in Baltimore City.

Project: "Walls", Examining the interior walls of 'Row Houses' as they briefly appear, externally, after the demolition of the house next to where they stood.

Project: The printing of a body of Black and White images spanning 50 plus years, many of them never in print.