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Patty Hill

Patty Hill


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Cecil County
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Visual Arts

Artist Bio

After a successful career as a portrait, advertising and real estate photographer, Patty Hill has come full circle and is finally engaging in her long-time desire of being a fine art photographer.  

Patty is known for her incredible ability to capture the simplest of subjects, then turning them into compelling works of art.  This is obvious by the numerous galleries of fine art imagery she now offers for purchase.  Many of these images are of the last 15 years of Patty’s photography career that have never been published.  

Patty’s main interest is capturing coastal landscapes however, any natural composition that grabs her attention is likely to become the next fine art photograph. With residency on the Eastern Shore of the Upper Chesapeake Bay, Patty finds inspiration from the smaller tributaries and rivers that spawn off the main stream of the Chesapeake Bay.  Her Sunrise and Sunset imagery that features the Mid Atlantic coastline continues to captivate beach lovers of all ages, as does the saturated colors and realistic composition of her fall landscapes for those who have a connection with autumn.   Patty equally finds beautiful scenic areas of the Tri-State interiors of Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland and are featured in her galleries as well.  Patty looks forward to exploring other destinations and being able to share those images as well.


Patty Hill's Professional affiliation is with PPA Professional Photographers of America.