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Patricia Washington

Patricia Washington


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Prince George's County
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"Mom''s jewelry box was my treasure chest at 4 years old" says P.A.T. Washington a native of New Jersey now residing in the Washington, DC area. "Growing up I wanted to be an archeologist and find the next treasure buried beneath the sands of Egypt or discover the secret cave where the pirates stashed their booty." An art major in high school and college, she always had an eye for fashion and design and appreciation for the artistry of the designers in the old black and white movies of the 30's and 40s. Edith Head gowns encrusted with intricate beading and jewels were inspiring even without know the true colors of the pieces. "I started ZivaOzen after modifying some earrings that were a present. I wanted to flip them and add an extra element and once I started designing my own items...I was hooked. I am a born-again Christian and Spiritual Jew and developed a love for the poetry that is the Hebrew language. I found the words Ziva (Beautiful) and Ozen (Ear) and put them together to convey the concept: If you wear beautiful jewelry (earrings) you will hear good news- starting with the compliments that make you feel good and encourage you to keep on being your best. My desire is that women wouldn’t hesitate to compliment another woman on something she is wearing or doing that you admire and spread a little love and joy. We all need encouragement and sometimes the smallest comment can make someone’s day and perhaps spark a friendship. . At shows I have a box for free prayer requests for other vendors and customers. So any sales or lack of still render a profit in prayer for someone's needs. The price for God's favor has already been paid by His Son Jesus. He has made everything beautiful in it's time". I wish to create beautiful things and spread the Good News.