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Artist Work

I Rule
January 2012
Acrylic/Mixed Media
28 x 24
Deep Forest
Acrylic and glass beads on canvas
48" x 48"
24" x 24"
Early Summer
24" x 24"
Come on in - the water's fine
60" x 48"
Let's Go Together
Acrylic, glass beads, on canvas
30" x 48"

Artist Information

Anne Arundel County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I love the process of creating art because the possibilities are endless, and I approach it with the idea of continuously discovering and bringing those possibilities to life. I paint with a sense of joy because I believe the intended outcome of beauty is equally as important as a provocative statement for social consciousness - now more than ever. Beauty soothes the soul and opens the heart, allowing us to be more conscious in the world, helping us make connections through our commonalities. Vibrant color and energetic designs move my soul. Most of my work is lyrical abstract expression with a constant underlying theme of sharp contrast and lightness of spirit. I am currently creating large energetic works in acrylic and mixed media on both canvas and paper, often layered with details of interest achieved through stencils, texture mediums, hand-made paper, and spray paint. At the same time, I continuously add to my body of animal paintings and urban works, inspired by my love of the city. I specialize in large works and welcome corporate commissions.

Artist Bio

I am an East Coast abstract artist, originally from New York and living all up and down the coast from Maine to Florida. Annapolis, Maryland is now my home.   I've been creating art in one form or another since I can remember.  My artistic roots are in abstract expression; I won my first award at the age of nine, and at age 14, I started painting on sheets hung from the ceiling with house paint and huge brushes.  I continued through college while earning a degree in Journalism, and throughout the course of my corporate career at Marriott International, working on commissions and volunteering artwork and time to art organizations. Now a full-time artist, wy work has been selected for national juried competitions, group and solo shows in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware and Maine.  I am an Artist In Residence at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, and I serve as the External VP on Maryland Federation of Art (MFA) Board of Directors.  Since June 2012, I am the author of the full-page monthly Gallery Column for the Annapolis Sunday Capital Gazette.  I have worked on public art projects, tactical urbanism, corporate projects and private comissions.