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Pamela Griffin-Smith

Pamela Griffin-Smith


Artist Work

End of Season
Watercolor on paper
9” x 12”
Lazy Days
Watercolor on paper
12” x 18”
The Gathering
Acrylic on canvas
11” x 14”
Turning a Corner
acrylic on canvas
20” x 16”
Acrylic on canvas
Night Walk

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am drawn to subjects where light and color interplay in a unique way to create a mood or a story. Probably due to my career as a psychologist as well as my love for literature, I want my paintings to inspire curiosity, reflection, hope, and exploration. As my work has evolved, some part of each painting is usually fairly realistic while the rest is more fluid and suggestive of dream states. I feel this parallels our life journey where sometimes moments or decisions are crystal clear, while at other times there is a struggle and the path is confusing.

Artist Bio

Pam had a career as a clinical psychologist and for the last twenty years of her career was Associate Director of the Loyola University Counseling Center. In addition to overseeing the daily clinical operation, she counseled students,supervised psychological emergencies, and trained and supervised post-doctoral candidates in psychology. 

While Pam has spent a lifetime appreciating art, she only began painting in earnest several years ago. Pam enjoys painting the landscapes of her childhood in rural NC, indoor and outdoor scenes in a Maryland, and various moments from her travels abroad. Unique lighting conditions and the way light and color interplay to create a mood or a story also influence her choice of subject matter. She enjoys painting with acrylics and watercolors. It is her hope that her paintings invite exploration, curiosity, and renewal, which discovering painting has certainly done for her. 

Pam has exhibited with the Baltimore County Arts Guild and the Towson Arts Collective.  Most recently she was accepted for the Maryland Federation of Art Member Exhibit at the Circle Gallery as well as their online exhibit #Woman.  She has also been accepted for exhibits at the Grey Matter Art Space and the Maryland State Arts Council exhibit, Art on the Fly.