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Ongisa Ichile-Mckenzie

Ongisa Ichile-Mckenzie


Artist Information

Charles County
Artistic Category

Music, Performing Arts

Artist Bio

Ongisa "Gigi Gumspoon" Ichile-Mckenzie is a K-12 educator and TFA alum. She is a music artist for young children. Her songs are catchy, upbeat, and progressive enough to appeal to grownups! Gigi promotes the African philosophy of “Ubuntu”, a sense of community and humanity. Her songs focus on social/emotional skills, such as sharing, listening to elders, and coping with disappointment.  But she also sings about the alphabet, colors, and eating healthy foods. 

     In her shows, Gigi fosters literacy through storytelling, with the help of her puppet Dionte, Baba Anansi the spider, and her grumpy friend, King Meanie. She reads didactic tales from the magic griot book, and encourages the audience to have more “Ubuntu.” Fans of Gigi Gumspoon, called “Gumbabies”, will learn to not only love themselves, but each other. Once they hear and see The Gigi Gumspoon Show, kids of all ages are sure to become Gumbabies, too!