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Oberman Michael

Oberman Michael


Artist Work

Acoma Pueblo...New Mexico
Earth Angel
Osprey With Prey
Gettysburg Sunset
Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Homage To Dr. Martin Luther King

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Howard County
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Film, Media Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Michael Oberman,,,,Photgrapher and

My interest in photography began when I was a music columnist at the Washington Star newspaper.  Writing a weekly music column for six years, I interviewed over 300 artists including Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, David Bowie, James Brown...a veritable Who's Who of the music world.  There were times when there were no photographers available to accompany me on I brought along my Nikon.  Fifteen years ago, on a trip to New Mexico, I made the switch from film to digital photography.

My photographs are on permanent display in U.S. National Parks including Steigerwald and Modoc and in museums including the Utah Museum of Natural History and the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.  Six of my photos have been on a tour of U.S. and Canadian museums in an exhibit called "Imaginate"...under the auspices of the Ontarion Science Centre.

My photographs have also appeared in publications including:

Parade Magazine

The London Daily Mirror

The Baltimore Sun

Motoring and Leisure Magazine (Great Britain)

The Lotus: Know It and Grow It (book)

...and textbooks in Israel and Malaysia

I have exhibted at numerous galleries including Circle Gallery (Annapolis), Slayton House (Columbia, MD), The Netherland Pavilion for Expo 2009 in Spain, The North American Museum in Zurich, Switzerland.

I live in Columbia, Maryland where several times a year I teach photography.