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O Escobar

O Escobar


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Baltimore County
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Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Confession of an Artist Why I Paint. I love the movement of colorful brushstrokes against a canvas. For me, painting is a freedom to create. I enjoy filling in the white space on a canvas by blending colors. I layer one color plane with another to capture a subtle glimpse of a moment. My style of painting has a rhythm and is a vibration of my essential truth expressed through movement and color. When I Paint. I am... ...thinking of the expectations for each of the many roles I play. In these moments, I paint brushstrokes that flow and are constant, where the colors blend to share my thoughts. This is when I create flowing abstract paintings. ...reacting to the pressures of my existence, as a woman, and the impositions levied upon me. In these moments, I paint bold brushstrokes where the colors converge and radiate emotion with contradiction in texture. I create vividly painted imagery, emotionally charged vibrant abstract paintings. ...capturing femininity. In these moments, I paint brushstrokes where the colors blend for a surreal approach. I will intellectually and emotionally paint lustful images of the female body, nudes, and angels. The Paintings. Are experiences, reactions to a moment, expressions of my mind. The canvas is a space where I feel that I can present my most authentic self. The Reason. Art is very personal. Combining the personal experience of creating art with my passion for painting is how I exist in today's world. The sharing of my art always feels very personal, however I overcome the hesitation by telling myself I am only risking appreciation. I finally made the time to pursue my personal dream of sharing my art with the world- while working a full-time job and raising my children. I like my paintings, I hope you will. Peace & Love

Artist Bio

Artist Corner

My name is O. Escobar and I love to paint.  ​My mission is to fill in the white space.  My vision is to fill the white space with original art. Because I see the possibilities beyond the white space.

What’s my brand

I am an abstract expressionist painter.  My signature style of painting is an intricate layered impasto affect with acrylic paint on canvas.  ​Much of my art work can be displayed in any direction thereby creating a new atmosphere, a different perspective, and an overall good mood.  The main theme in my work is to use color as the only tool for expression. My paintings are a wide range of abstract and figurative imagery that always convey a feminine and emotional tone. The paintings are experiences, reactions to a moment, and expressions of my  mind at that moment.​​​

Why am I an artist?

I always painted in my mind.  In one of my early memories, I took a school trip to the Museum of Modern Art, which hosted an exhibition of Jackson Pollack paintings. I remember being enthralled by his works. I wanted to paint like him.  Growing up, there were no extra money for paint or canvas. I grew up with the mantra everyone works, you need a solid established career and ‘to make something of myself.’ And I did. Then my abuelita passed away.  I took solace by signing up for an art skills class at the Albright Know museum, and there it was Convergence, 1952, by Jackson Pollock.  It was my everything. I love that painting.

​I gave myself permission to spend money on canvas, paint, and brushes – which was a huge move because I did not know what I was going to paint, I just knew I needed to paint.  I was determined. I was not going to be afraid of color and expression.  I did not think about whether my paintings were good or if they would sell. I shut down any expectations of perfectionism and just painted.  I expressed what was in my mind and my soul. That’s how I fell in love with art and painting.