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Nico Gozal

Nico Gozal


Artist Work

Empty beach
Fabric dyes, silk , canvas
Element 27
Fabric dyes, silk , gutta, paper
16 x 20 x 1.5 inches
silk, dyes, gutta
25 x 25
American Skin
silk, dyes, gutta
25 x 25
Citra Buana
Fabric dyes, silk , gutta
30 x 30
Roro Kidul 2.0
Painting on Silk

Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Stimulating personal experience in viewers through my artwork is a driving force behind my creative process. A recent event best illustrates my artistic perspective. I encountered a wheelchair-bound art enthusiast at a weekend art festival at my display booth. Her husband saw one of my pieces and decided to return and show it to his wife. As soon as she saw the piece her previously sullen face brightened and a wide grin appeared. She engaged me and proceeded to relay a personal story. “My friends always affectionately tell me that I move as fast as a turtle,” she said in a slow, stilted voice. “And this is me,” as she pointed to the image of a turtle in my painting. I could not have said it better. At that point I was poignantly reminded that I am not the one to explain how others should see my work. It is not about my ideas, inspiration, message, or statement… the most important thing about art is the personal narrative that emerges. Through my art I fuse my Indonesian ancestry with the newly acquired culture of my adopted country of America. Ultimately, I hope to show that art transcends the boundaries of race, language, culture, religion, and ethnicity.

Artist Bio

Driven by his utter fascination with colors, Nico began to explore the world of two dimensional arts from a very young age.

Nico’s cross-cultural art training included the Budihardjo School of Fashion in Jakarta, Indonesia as well as the International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Tampa, Florida. Toward the end of his undergraduate studies, Nico had an amazing opportunity to work for and be mentored by a successful artist in Tampa, FL, Jane Murray Lewis. She introduced him to the world of Gutta/ Serti Silk painting. He uses lush China Silk and the application of vibrant Senellier Fabric Dyes, combined with a French Bas Relief technique to create unique three dimensional art.

After devoting many years to his craft, Nico fused his academic training in Fashion Design, passion for color, and astute eye for composition with his new-found love of Silk painting to create his unique design concept. He brings to life in his paintings the sights, texture, and rich multicultural heritage of his equatorial roots from Indonesia. A love of music, dance, languages, and literature also intensely influences him and his work.

Nico’s artistic process is very intuitive and nonlinear. “Usually, I begin with a subject such as a bird or flower, or whatever I would like to feature. As I design the various aspects of the piece the development is organic and I never know what the finished product will look like before its completion. My hope is that this fluid, non-expectant approach to creating art inspires the viewer to be hopeful and trust the moment in life they are experiencing.”

Nico relocated to the Central Savannah River Area in 2012. To introduce his unique artistic skills to the region, he became a member of The Greater Augusta Arts Council and the Artists’ Guild Columbia County and the Arts & Heritage of North Augusta (among others). Throughout the years living in Augusta, GA; Nico exhibited his work as a collaboration with other artists at Augusta’s City Gallery, The Arts and Heritage of North Augusta Gallery, and 4 P Studio Art Gallery. He also had solo shows: “From Asia with Love” at Hire Ground Café, “The Island of the Gods” at Gertrude Herbert institute of the Arts, and “ Batik van Java” at 4P Studio Art Gallery. In 2017 and 2018 Nico was accepted in a juried art festival: “Arts in the Heart of Augusta.”

In late October 2018 Nico left Augusta, GA to embark into his next art career by moving to the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He is looking forward to becoming an active contributor to the Art community in his new home region.