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Artist Work

End of the Tunnel
Oil, acrylic
30 x 30
The girdle
Oil, acrylic, craft paper
30 x 40
The Bow
Oil, acrylic, craft paper
30 x 40
oil, acrylic, craft paper
24 x 36

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Statement

The world we live in never ceases to amaze me. At times I find it surreal yet it's not. It's fantastical on so many levels and yet its...incredibly normal. Everything and everyone has a function even if it is the most trivial...of things. Light, dark, space, movement shapes and noise. It's this diversity of life that inspires me to watch it closely and acknowledge the beauty of it's existence.

Artist Bio

I grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. My parents exposed me to visual arts at an early age because they were visual artists themselves. As a little girl, whenever dad bought any art supplies, he would buy the mini me version for me. I even had a little drafting table next to my his. And together we’d jam to jazz music while we drew. I majored in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish at the University of Miami and was a reporter and anchor for several years...that is, until I decided to pick up my art materials again. I enjoy working in television media, infact, I still work in media production, but these days I devote a good part of my time to painting. It brings a personal satisfaction! I am a self taught artist. Many describe my style of painting as post-modern. To some extent, I agree, but, I also throw in a good measure of inspiration and love for the final product. I think the hardest thing about painting is knowing...when to stop adding paint to the canvas. I like to play with both the positive and negative space on a canvas, but I don’t always stick to this style. Many of my paintings clearly define negative and positive space. But I am known to saunter and splash the entire canvas with color and make use of every “space” that is available to me. When I paint, I don’t always try to make a “statement”. My paintings usually always begin with an inspiration inside of me with no particular meaning. For me, my paintings are a visual enjoyment or appreciation... not an anti- or pro message. Affection of shapes and textures that surround us in daily lives inspires me, and that is why I have a love affair with painting.