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Nani Lowery

Nani Lowery


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Nani with her Ukulele
Hawaiian Entertainment

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Montgomery County
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Other, Performing Arts

Artist Statement

I would love to be able to come to your group to teach an ukulele workshop. My husband and I would also love to play for an event of your choosing. Our music is family friendly, and will bring a feeling of "Aloha" to your event.

Artist Bio

Nani Lowery, who was born and raised in Hawaii and has been playing the ukulele for 50 years. “When I was 5, my mom put me a ukulele into my hand. I played by ear; I never had any formal lessons. I just listened to the radio and watched what people did, and asked questions.”

Nani came to the mainland 30 years ago for college and has been teaching ukulele since then. “I know how to read music, but I teach by experience,” she said. “I urge my students to listen to what they’re playing, that we know naturally what things should sound like.”

Lowery teaches ukulele at the Victor Litz Music Center in Gaithersburg, runs two ukulele jams and plays and teaches at a hula school. “Because of the federal government, a lot of Hawaiians work here,” Lowery said. “These places are like their home away from home; they gravitate to the performances, but also the friendships — not to mention that music in general is good for the soul.”

Nani also performs locally with her husband, Keith. The combination of Keith playing the UBass (bass ukulele), and Nani playing the ukulele has a beautiful sound, especially when playing traditional hawaiian tunes. They have played at birthday parties, community events, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.