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Mike Lent

Mike Lent


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Thomas Point Light

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Anne Arundel County
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Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Everyday life always gives me the opportunity to observe life through my camera lens. By capturing these moments, I hope to bring the world along on my journey.

Artist Bio

I grew up wanting to be an astronaut, watching the Apollo missions with rapt fascination.  Looking at the world from a different angle as you would in space always intrigued me, that is, until my first algebra class.  I learned that that math wasn’t my thing, and without the math, no engineering degree, no engineering degree, no space flight.  So kicking around in Holland during my 8th grade year (my father was in the Air Force), trying to figure out how I wouldn't be just another tool to society in my later life, I happened upon a person with a Canon camera with a very long lens attached.  Asking if I could look through the camera, the first image I saw through the viewfinder changed my life as I saw the world from a different angle.  It suddenly dawned on me, who needs to sit on top of a rocket, with a million pounds of highly volatile rocket fuel, built by the lowest bidder, when you had a camera with interchangeable lenses? 

​Finding a new way of viewing the world, I started to learn the basics from fellow hobbyists at the base photo hobby shop (where darkrooms were available for use).  I had the chance to learn and appreciate how the quality of light can have a profound effect on the mood of a photograph, how composition is the creation of a visually compelling image and that the darkroom is part of the magic of photography, exciting, disappointing, rewarding and frustrating all in the same few moments. 

With the mentoring and support of many, a lot of practice shooting and developing hundreds of rolls of film and learning from my many mistakes throughout my "early years", I decided early in high school to make a life's decision to transition my love of photography from a hobby to a professional career as a photographer in the United States Navy.  The 26 year experience I had while in the service allowed me the opportunity to be a White House Videographer, documenting the life of Presidents Reagan and Bush (41), the opportunity to cover major news stories around the world, the assignment as the Commander of the White House Communications Agency’s Visual Information Command, managing all visual communications, including the photo lab, television and worldwide event production for President George W. Bush (43).  Through my career, I participated in documentary and intelligence gathering assignments in the fleet, all while experiencing the sights from around the world that most people could only dream about (including photographing a Space Shuttle Launch at Cape Canaveral).  While I was in the Navy, I learned that one of the greatest joys a photographer can have is to see one's work published, presented and admired by your contemporaries, which always allowed me to strive to do my very best.  Upon my retirement, my love for the visual image led me to begin a full service audio visual company, Alba Audiovisual ( where my team and I provide our clients all aspects of  photography and event production; lights, sound, stages, video projection, video production and of course, still photography (we are the rock stars behind the rock stars). 

My love for the image is now over 40 years old, and I love to wake up each day and see what adventure will come my way.  And yes, today I still carry my camera where ever I go as I try and let my love for the craft of photography to capture life’s moments around me.  Moments of happiness, fun, friendship, beauty, etc.  I would like those moments to last, to remember them and to share them with others....  And besides, you never know when NASA may want a skilled photographer to document life on the International Space Station...