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Michelle Dickson

Michelle Dickson


Artist Work

Neither Mine Nor Yours, 1
Plaster, driftwood, birch plywood, oil paint, and encaustic wax
Neither Mine Nor Yours, 2
Plaster, driftwood, birch plywood, oil paint, seedpods, and encaustic
Neither Mine Nor Yours, 3
Plaster, driftwood, seedpods, oil paint, and encaustic wax
Neither Mine Nor Yours, 4
Plaster, wood, oil paint, and encaustic wax
Neither Mine Nor Yours, 5
Plaster, driftwood, oil paint, and encaustic wax
Neither Mine Nor Yours, 6
Plaster, found burnt wood, and oil paint

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I’m interested in the similarity you can find in shape and texture across different parts of life. How the structure of rivers are like highways are like veins and root systems. Deteriorating walls can be a portrait of time and a record of human touch. One way these observations find form is through the investigation and combination of textures and surfaces. The work’s tactility is an important element. The viewer often wants to touch or hold the work. I think about the dynamic this creates between the viewer and the object viewed, as well as how the inability to touch has the potential to evoke the same intangibility of memory. My work is process oriented. The process involved in the work’s creation contributes to its content. The uncertainty present in life is a driving force. Through process the work deals with a continual pattern of confronting uncertainty and accepting it. This is realized through the use of unarchival materials and constant experimentation and risk taking. I work intuitively without much pre-planning. My process involves making something and responding to it, adding on and taking away. Building up and obscuring. The central concepts my work deals with are time and its effect on memory, the body, and relationships. I think about the physical process of remembering, the unstable nature of memory, and the resulting fear of forgetting. Memory as weight. The use of space in my work often corresponds to how I think about the mental landscape of memory.

Artist Bio

Michelle Dickson is a Baltimore based mixed media artist working in drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Dickson received an MFA in 2011 from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has had solo and group exhibitions across the United States among then: Maryland, Chicago, Illinois, Florida, Boston Massachusetts, New Jersey, Providence Rhode Island, and Brooklyn, NY. She was recently included in the Baltimore Artist +WPA exhibition curated by Mera Rubell at Marianne Boesky Gallery in NYC. She was a resident at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, MD and at Art 342 in Ft. Collins, CO. Currently she is a resident at School 33 Art Center in Baltimore, MD. She has had two recent solo exhibitions: Hillyer Art Space in Washington DC and Julio Fine Arts Gallery, Loyola University, Baltimore, MD.