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Michelle Brooks

Michelle Brooks


Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

We walk through life; too busy to look up from our phones, too preoccupied with the next, new thing that we often miss the beauty of objects we see every day. One day, while walking to work, I just stopped and opened my eyes and really looked at the world. I want to share what I saw with others through my photography. I don’t use filters, I don’t compose shots, I just shoot what I see. I display my images on reclaimed hardwood because I want to reuse and recycle materials that have some history. I use acrylics and watercolors to enhance some photos manually. I would like my art, these random clicks, to encourage others to stop, look up, and notice the world around them.

Artist Bio

Trained as a chemist, I am a late arrival to the world of art. In college, I dabbled as a sports photographer, but put that aside to become a scientist. Recently, I began to take photos of everyday objects; at first just those between my parking garage and office, but eventually, I began taking my camera with me everywhere. My images are eclectic (as am I). I lean toward gritty industrial photos, melancholy cemetery images, and street art, but I also love to see the way that nature interacts with an urban environment.