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Micheal Driscoll

Micheal Driscoll


Artist Work

Goldie en Repose
iPhone photo
Oh, the Stories She Could Tell
iphone photo
Abstract? Chaotic?
iphone photo
Cloud Catcher, Annapolis, Summer 2020
Autumn Burns to Life
iPhone photo
Faded Paper, Summer 2020

Artist Information

Queen Anne's County
Artistic Category

Film, Media Arts, Other, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

'A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.' ---- Ansel Adams

Artist Bio

I am the "chief cook & bottle washer” of Old Dog Photography, based on Kent Island. Recently, I had the honor of being featured at the Dragonfly Galleria in St. Michael’s, MD. That is why I call myself a photographer, because I presented some 16 photographs, and because I have several cameras, mostly Canon which I consider part of my clothing. This is nothing against other makes, it’s just the label that works for me. I print some some of the ones I make, I post others on Facebook, (probably too many though no complaints so far). I’ve even sold a couple and won a ribbon. I also use an iPhone, & have gotten very good feedback from those pictures, which weirds me out a little but what the heck, it works. Film is still good as well. Go figure.

Of course I also read about the history of the art, from daguerrotypes to smart phones, and listen to what others have to say about it. My great lesson is that there is always someone cleverer and far more knowledgeable than I am. It is a humbling art for the complacent but with great potential for satisfaction if approached with respect.

That is why when I am asked advice about things such as what to buy, I urge the simplest route. Because at the heart of it, a camera is a box to capture light that can become pictures or even memories. Your eyes are the most important part of any camera system. A finger to click the shutter button is also good. So look, really look at the world around you. Be ready to catch the moment. When you get up to speed, you can explore all the bells & whistles to refine or even restate what you see. By the way, if you miss the moment, don’t worry, another one is always coming.

I believe that doing is the best learning, and prefer to avoid manuals, as they are often printed in such small type, reading as though they were written by people who learned English against their will. Hands on experience, a class, listening to others with similar cameras, reading books that are not manuals is what works for me. Then too, there is this new thing called the “Facetube,” or "Youbook," or something.... sitting out there in a cloud of ether, inhabited by creatures called camera blogs and youtube offering lessons based on actual experience. It’s handy for spreading items that folks want to share, and I feel the thing has potential.

The regional art and media associations I belong to include the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) 919-383-7246 or fax 919-383-7261, or; Annapolis Art Alliance,, 801 Chase Street, Annapolis, MD 21401; Chesapeake Bay Foundation,, Eastern Shore (MD) Office, 102 E. Dover Street, Easton, MD 21601, phone: 410-543-1999; the Kent Island Federation of Art (KIFA), 405 Main Street, Stevensville, MD 21666, (410) 643-7424.

Other groups include the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC), 175 West Ostend Street, Suite E, Baltimore, MD 21230, 410-767-6555; Maryland Federation of Art (MFA) 18 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401, (410) 268-4566,; Dorchester Center for the Arts (DCA) 321 High Street, Cambridge, MD 21613, (410) 228-7782,; and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, 213 North Talbot Street, St. Michael’s, MD 21663, (410) 745-2915

Past and present exhibit venues include the Kent Island Federation of Art, 405 Main Street, Stevensville, MD 21666 (410) 643-7424; Easton Gallery of Photographic Arts, 1 Mill Place, Suite 100, Easton, MD (410) 456-2003 ; the Dragonfly Galleria, 605 South St., Unit 5, St. Michael’s, MD (410) 745-5600; Kent Island Arts, 321 Love Point Road, (410) 604-0721, Stevensville, MD 21666; Liv Again, 317 High Street, Cambridge, MD 21613, (443) 477-6443; Wimsey Cover Maps & Art, 3141 Solomon’s Island Road, Edgewater, MD 21037, 410-956-7278 or; at

I used to be a writer of sorts, till I ran out of things to say. As a free-lance photojournalist, I’ve contributed to publications like Smoke & Fire News, General Aviation News, the Eastern Shore Milestone, Chesapeake Music Guide, Taste of the Bay magazine, Inside Annapolis, Sci Fi Crowsnest (a UK-based internet publication), Inside SAHE for the local branch of the Sierra Club, the Baltimore Sun, and the Annapolis Capital.

Now I put my words into my cameras, building a new way to speak via digital art photography, with side interests in the street, entertainment, lifestyle and event genres, plus film photography. While I came late to the dance, and if I’m not exactly there yet, I feel I have finally found my way.