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Artist Work

Baltimore: A Beautiful Irony
March 2005
Digital Photography
10" x 17"
Fragmented Einstein
May 2005
acrylic on transparency
26" x 32"
Power Struggle
April 2005
Digital Design
11.5" x 13"

Artist Information

Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Photography gives me the opportunity to capture intriguing and pure moments in time that might have otherwise slipped by without notice. I feel that photography allows me to show others how I view the world. Graphic designs combines word and image to convey ideas with a beautiful simplicity. From a different perspective, studio art uncovers my passion for the subject matter; it is a reflection of the soul. Painting evokes emotions through use of color and line in order to capture the message within the piece. Art must be creative, inspirational, and truthful. My art is meant to bring a fresh spirit to your world.

Artist Bio

I was born in Harford County, Maryland, on Easter Sunday, 1982. I was a very shy child, and would often find refuge in my artwork. Other interests were my love for horses, environmental science, and world travel. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States. The opportunity to capture images of other cultures fascinates me and inspires me to show the viewer a different perspective of the world. I attended The College of Notre Dame of Maryland, majoring in Art, with a double concentration in Graphic Design / Photography and Studio Art, and graduated Magna Cum Laude in May of 2006. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, Ted Parkinson. As a free-lance Graphic Designer, I designed my own website, created a new image for Free State Numismatics, designed exhibit signs for Maryland Art Place, and designed invitations for my college’s student art exhibit. I currently am a graphic designer for Allsigns in Bel Air. Selected Exhibits: 02/05 Structured Beauty, DeDannan Coffee and Tea, Bel Air, MD 05/05 Kaleidoscope, Gormley Gallery, Notre Dame Senior Art Exhibit 12/04 Gormley Gallery, Notre Dame Student Art Show