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M.C. Pratt

M.C. Pratt

Artist Work

Sailors' Delight
Conversations While Walking
Oil and metallic leafing on linen
Coaineadh Na dTri Muire - Keening of the Three Marys
Mixed media/drawing/leafing/inks
In the Arms of Winter
The Point at Emerald Isle, NC
Calling Home the Hatch

Artist Information

Allegany County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Words and pictures have informed my mind since being read to as a young child. Detailed games of pretend and storytelling came naturally early in childhood, outside gathering feasts for my charn acters from whatever the season provided, directing them through woods and battles and making up elaborate narratives. A box of dress-upsshared with the neighborhood kids as we made stories come alive. Access to unlimited art materials and processes from a mother who attended MICA and a father who sat me on his wood bench, learning all the tools and their uses… It’s no big step that today in my adult artmaking, words and images are mutually dependent as I write, paint and draw with an almost inseparable fluidity. Those writings and drawings then come into their own as oil paintings, poems, mixed media pieces, water media pieces and occasionally the deeply personal stone carving as well as some installations happily realized. Cultural, spiritual, personal mythocentric and historical references also inform. Art making is wide open, and ever changing for me. Sometimes I write extensively before I paint, other times there is a great and intuitive exorcism. I also thrive on experimentation as a personal process of creating, even as I emloy my own repetoire of stylistic discoveries. Every day of art making is a new day.
As an independant teaching artist, I learn as much from working with audiences as I hope I am able to impart. Sharing the experience of creating with children and adults is a joy, as I continue to develop integrated arts programs in diverse educational settings. To encourage and witness the sense of discovery and personal empowerment that comes with making art is indeed a privilege.
For the boring stuff, I have a BS in Art(clay and illustration) and Philosophy and a MEd in Art from Frostburg State University, and am a grad of St. John's College Santa Fe (also Annapolis MD) in classic literaturre. There is more... a few apprenticeships, lots of shows, a few artist in residence experiences; feel free to ask.
Mantra: Make your art daily. It might be in a garden, in the kitchen, behind a keyboard, an easel or a nursing station. It might be in a notebook or on a tablet. It might be in your head. On a playing field. In a pulpit. Or a taxi. Create. Make the world a better place through art.