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Artist Work

Notes from the James River
Stone, glass, wood, Mortar
9H X 9'W X 2'D
Nest Stones (detail)
Stone. Glass, Vine
3H X 24'W X13'D
Terracotta Brick, Glass, Stone, Mortar
23H X 3'W X 3'D
Concrete, Steel, Vinca minor
4H X 40'W X 50'D
Notes from James River (detail)
Stone, Glass, Mortar
9H X 9'W X 2'D

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Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Artist Statement Martha Jackson-Jarvis I am interested in the compelling possibilities and power of art to reflect the diversity and wealth of cultural influences apparent in contemporary life. I am interested in enduring elements of identity and culture that survive, strengthen and compel humanity forward. From the abundant landscape of human history and boundless reservoir of personal identity I distill visceral forms that speak to the heart and soul. Tactile surfaces of stone, glass, concrete and wood engage the viewer, alluring the senses in a magical encounter with form and materials. The alchemic moment is invented, base materials are transformed, and mundane objects are elevated to mythic realms becoming power objects that inform and edify the human spirit. These signs and symbols made visible have the power to resonate in the hearts and minds of generations to come making the ineffable secrets known and accessible to all who take the journey through the imaginative landscape of Martha Jackson Jarvis’ sculpture.