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Marcy Marxer

Marcy Marxer


Artist Work

Blue Stocking
Non-Classical Solo Performance
Stars and Stripes Forever
Non-Classical Solo Performance
Washington's March
Non-Classical Solo Performance

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Music, Performing Arts

MSAC Individual Artist Award (IAA)

Artist Bio

MARCY MARXER is a multi-instrumentalist, studio musician, performer, songwriter and producer with 30 years of experience and a shelf of impressive awards. She has played acoustic music on Emmy Award winning National Geographic specials, platinum shipping Eva Cassidy CD’s and on over 50 recordings and instructional materials created with her partner, Cathy Fink.

Marcy’s guitar playing spans a variety of styles- swing rhythm and lead, bluegrass, old time, celtic fingerpicking, folk fingerpicking and some of the most tasteful backup you can hear. The C.F. Martin Co. has honored Marcy with her very own signature model guitar, the MC3H which she helped design. Flatpick Guitar Magazine called Marcy “one of the country’s top Western style guitar players”. She also plays mandolin, bouzouki, hammered dulcimer, Latin percussion, banjos, pennywhistle and flutes and of course, the beloved ukulele.

After a recording session with Mike Seeger, Marcy fell in love with his 1918 Gibson cello banjo. She searched the world for one, recorded some youtube clips and was soon gaining a following for her amazing cello banjo music. The Gold Tone Banjo Company began making the Marcy Marxer model Cello Banjo and the instrument has since shown up in folk, celtic and even punk bands!

The fun-loving Marcy is all about connecting music and people. She teaches locally when she is not on tour. She has also created a super-fun international online network for lovers of the mighty ukulele, Ukulele Social Club. She also teaches Swing Guitar and Ukulele for Guitar Players at There you can either download her amazing lessons, or join her online classroom for a more personal interaction and feedback. And she has many courses at Homespun Tapes for the guitar player, ukulele lover or harmony singer of all ages. Marcy has built a large following at top music camps such as Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Camp, Mars Hill, Woods Camp, etc.

Check out her ukulele lessons online on YouTube and you can also see her incredible cello banjo playing there.

Master of wordplay, Marcy’ s songwriting is yet another facet of her talents. Listen to “Swingtime Lullaby” where she creates 2 swing songs with different melodies over the same chord progression in the 1940′s style. Or hear the “Washboard Rhythm Song” on the “Banjo To Beatbox” project to be amazed at her internal rhyming.

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