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Marcus Dagan

Marcus Dagan


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Baltimore City
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Music, Visual Arts

Artist Bio

I have lived in Baltimore since 1982 when I camr here to perform music at Lenny Kaplan's 13th Floor at The Belvedere.

I have left on several occasions mainly for work, but I always return! I erform Cabaret Shows at Germano's in Little Italy

the next one being Wednesday Aug 22nd @ 7.30 pm. "Songs In The Key Of Love" This show is celebrate what would have

been my 3rd Wedding Anniversary. My Wife Debra and I had our wedding at The Indigo Hotel. Debra sadly passed away on

January 30th of this year, but the LOVE lives on!

Parallel to my music career (which spand over forty years) I have been a Fine Art photographer with a very eclectic "eye".

The two portfolios that display my work have between them over 1 million "hits" Baltimore and especially "my" neighborhood

of Mount Vernon are rominently featured.

On Vimeo I also have 3 videos, one "The Face In The Door" features the iconic Shot Tower.