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Marco Cuba-Ricsi

Marco Cuba-Ricsi


Artist Work

Lost in my canvases
Graphite on paper
12" x 16"
"The empty nest"
Oil on Canvas
30" x 40"
Amazonia (Deforestation)
Oil on canvas
30"x 40"
"Vision of a solitaire dog"
Oil on canvas
36"x 42"
"The Silent Crying of a Gold Fish"
Oil on canvas
24"x 36"
"A New Day"
Oil on canvas
30"x 36"

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Other, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

"I firmly believe that every human being has a very important mission in life. Mine as a visual artist is to contribute to the community, to the environment and to the world in my very particular way. Art is not only a way to communicate but also to motivate, to educate, to contribute and to give the very best of what you have: Love.That is why art is so important to everybody... It is that creative moment that makes you feel not only alive but a god in miniature..." Marco Cuba-Ricsi

Artist Bio


MARCO CUBA RICSI is a maryland resident visual artist. His early studies were at the Museum of Art, and the School of Fine Arts in Lima, Peru. At the early age of 19 He was admitted to the Peruvian School of Art; There he completed courses in Drawing, Art History and Painting; Also specialized seminars in sculpting. Marco moved to the United States in 1991. Later that year a group of local artists invited him to participate in a group show in Washington, DC. The artist joined other small art groups and held collective shows throughout the nation's capital. He participated in several fundraising exhibits for non-profit organizations and art leagues obtaining not only recognition for his talent, but also for his willing to contribute and collaborate with the cause.

Cuba-Ricsi's creativity, like many other artists is not only limited to one discipline. He explores the different ways to communicate his ideas, language and visions. (Video, Photography, Mixed Media, etc). He also writes and had successfully participated in different workshops on poetry and literature. His poems reflect his experiences, visions and concepts about different subjects. He had contributed to local and national publications.

The Works of Marco Cuba-Ricsi have been display in galleries in his native country, the metropolitan area of Washington, DC and other important cities. His art works are in public and private collections.