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Artist Work

Severed Pair
March 2007
Acrylic and Gold
20 x 24
July 2010
Acrylic and Gold
26.5 x 36
Tiger View
June 2009
Derwent Pencils on Rives Stock
30" x 38"
Storm Waters
Acrylic and Lettering Gold
Lotus Blossom
Acrylic and Lettering Gold

Artist Information

Worcester County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

My background as a graphic designer and medical illustrator and owner/manager of a design studio for many years has resulted in the desire to get more involved in fine arts. My paintings have an Asian flair of intricate detail with interwoven gold designs. I also do workshops on drawing skills at the Art Institute and Gallery in Salisbury, MD. I believe in the importance of sound drawing abilities in order to express more creative capabilities. I really love doing my art, it has always been my real passion.

Artist Bio

My experience as a Graphic Designer and Medical Illustrator in both the pharmaceutical and industrial markets began after my education at Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA. I have won several awards from the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia, Singer Corporation, IABC and my traveling display to recruit nurses was televised on CBS. I owned and managed my own design studio, GPN Graphics, for many years. The experience of being Sole Proprietor led to becoming Production Director for advertising agencies and pharmaceutical companies such as Pitman-Moore, K.I. Lipton, Inc. and Richard Yeager Associates. I was asked to join Chapel Company as a Graphic Consultant to advise clients on marketing, advertising and printing. I enjoyed this profession for the various responsibilities and challenges. I moved to the Eastern Shore to pursue new choices. My involvement in fine arts has proved to be extremely rewarding. I hope to become well known for my paintings in Acrylic. The creative style of my paintings has developed as a result of being exposed to all forms of art for many years and the experiences of my life that I want to share with the viewer. I have joined the National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington D.C. and The Rehobeth Art League of Rehobeth, DE for several years. I had been a member of the Art Institute and Gallery in Salisbury for several years as well as an Instructor of various workshops. Please review my website,; I was requested to become a member. This online site based in Germany offers great exposure to the markets in Europe. Dragonwing Studio has been established many years and is located in Berlin Maryland. I offer group classes as well as private classes to individuals who want to improve in their creative abilities.