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Artist Work

Paradise Lost
24 x 36
Color Pencil and Ink
14 x 20
Metro Jazz
Color Pencil and Ink
14 x 20
I got that feelin
Pastel, Color Pencil, Ink, and etching
26" x 18"
Metro Jazz 3
Acrylic and Ink
Flight of the Bumble Bee
Color Pencil
30 x 20

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Magruder Murray – Artist’s Statement I feel that an artist’s work should be a reflection of his experience’s and interest in life. His works should be a window into his beliefs and feelings. I have done series of work on many stages of my life. After working in government and private industry for 40+ years I have decided to dedicate my retirement years to being an Artist. My love for experimenting has led me to trying techniques in Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Pen and ink, Carpentry, Mosaics, and anything else that will convey my message; from building cradles in the form of carton animals, to a series on musicians. My latest works combine my love for Jazz with experimental images. The piece “Savin yu Luv for Me” shows the images and movement of music. It tries to capture the essence of the music. My work reflects a myriad of interest and social commentary and reflects on our positions in life and how fragile our perceived success is and how quickly it can be taken from us. My techniques and styles vary but my subjects all involve people and the situations they are in. A piece called “Sunday go to Meeting” was gleaned from seeing three women dressed in their finery standing at the bus stop in front of Walter Reed Hospital on Sunday Morning. The image stuck in my head until I had to put it down on paper. While I have been told to be consistent in my work, I can’t ignore the myriad of subjects and interests that are a reflection of my life. I just want everyone to see the beauty, irony, frustration, courage, talent of the people I see.

Artist Bio

F. Magruder Murray

Contact Information
Telephone Number: 202-297-9052
E-mail Address:
Web Page:
Address: P.O. Box 8063, Silver Spring, MD 20907-8063

F. Magruder Murray creates mixed media artwork that reflects his life and interests. He started art when he was 9 years old. He studied under such artists as Lois Mailou Jones, David Driskell, and many others. His work reflects the experiences of his life and his ideas about community and life. He experiments with different media mixes and materials in order to get his interpretation of his subjects. He uses many styles to interpret his ideas to his viewers. His education and careers in Architecture, Printing, Graphic Arts, and Information Technology have given him a solid background for starting an art career. He is now retired from government and is devoting his time to developing his Art Career. Magruder lives in Washington DC and spends much of his time with his family (four grandsons), when not working on his art.

Background and Training:
His background in art started at age nine in the Corcoran School of Art and continued through to college at Howard University and after. He has taken art classes at several schools including Corcoran School of Art, Howard University, Maryland Institute of Art, the Alexandria Art League, and etc.

• Children, Friendship Heights Village Center Gallery
• Blues and Other Colors, District of Columbia Arts Center
• Laurel Art Guild 42nd Annual Open Juried Exhibition
• CPSA #109 Exhibit at Glenview Mansion
• CPSA #109 Exhibit at Goodwin Show
• Highland Beach Citizens Association Art Exhibit
• Washington DC Area Chapter, National Conference of Artists (DCNCA) Celebration of the NCA 50th Anniversary, Parish Gallery in Georgetown
• Color Pencil Exhibit, Strathmore Gallery of Art
• Common Bond Art Exhibition 2005, Strathmore Gallery of Art
• Common Bond Art Exhibition 2006, Strathmore Gallery of Art
• Common Bond Art Exhibition 2008, Strathmore Gallery of Art
• Common Bond Art Exhibition 2010, Strathmore Gallery of Art
• 3 Persons show titled “Two Artists and an Author”, Pyramid Gallery, Silver Spring
• Color Pencil Exhibit, Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC
• Art Exhibition and Crafts, Links, Incorporated, National Conference
• 74th International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature, Strathmore Gallery of Art
• 77th Annual International Exhibition of Fine Arts in Miniature, Strathmore Gallery of Art
• Alexandria Art League Show
• Maryland Institute of Art Show
• Positiv Art Auction
• I Can’t Believe It Is Colored Pencil, Philip Ratner Museum
• People and Places, Cross Roads Gallery, Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads
• Chevy Chase Center Mother's Day Art Show, 2010
• Laurel Art Guild 42nd Annual Open Juried Exhibition, March, 2010
• The Art League School Student Show

Related Activities:
• Carpentry
• Furniture making
• Photography
• Mosaics
• Graphic Arts