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M Sasha-Loriene

M Sasha-Loriene


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Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Bio

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Bowie, MD, Sasha-Loriene is a 27 year old self-taught painter. Using acrylic paint as her medium of choice with no formal education or training, Sasha-Loriene weaves together different themes and techniques to capture her thoughts, feelings, and interpretation of the world in every piece. The goal of her art is to tell a story and create a personal experience for all that encourages others to not only reach deeper within each painting, but within themselves, as well. Her passion for the arts, raw talent, and academic background in public service have ignited her lifelong mission of encouraging creativity, thought, and expression in the community. As such, Sasha-Loriene has participated in several events and exhibits in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and New York.