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Lisa Scarbath

Lisa Scarbath


Artist Information

Howard County
Artistic Category

Traditional Arts

Artist Statement

When beginning a new mosaic project, I first define the form and purpose; whether it is a decorative art piece, a utilitarian piece, or a custom portrait. Once the form is decided, I draw up my concept. The design may be inspired by the flow of the base, a color or pattern in the tesserae, or another influence such as a photograph I’ve taken or an image given to me by a client. The final design is then used as my template. Once my template is ready, I decide on the color scheme, texture, patterns and theme of the found objects. My supplies and tesserae are laid out initially, but as the piece develops, I usually make any adjustments in size, shape and arrangement as needed. The feeling when all the pieces come together in just the right way for that project is best described as the “ah ha!” moment when my art feels like pure joy! The final step of the project is grout - what color(s) work best with the tesserae and andamento, or even whether to grout at all. The impact of the decision is very important because it affects the overall appearance and shade of the finished piece. At several intervals while creating the piece, I stop to take photos. Stepping back to review the project as a whole at different stages in that way allows me to evaluate whether adjustments are needed. I also often share my progress on social media to get feedback and to demonstrate the steps involved in creating a mosaic work of art. Sometimes I may start a project with a very distinct image in my mind, and at other times I may only have a general idea or feeling of what I want to produce. The amazing process of creating mosaics allows the project itself to take me on a journey to create a visually pleasing result. In the end, that's what matters most.