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Lisa Kaye

Lisa Kaye


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Encaustic collage

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Wicomico County
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Visual Arts

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Living most of my life between Washington D.C. and Baltimore allowed me exposure to the arts and cultivated my appreciation for music, art and theater. Never having the opportunity for a formal education in the art field in no way compromised my desire to be creative and pursue different art forms. Creating with textiles gave way to photography where I managed to take classes from Judy Hermann and Michael Starke for a short time before moving to the Eastern Shore. This move eventually led to outsider art in the arena of folk art - soft sculpture and papier mache being my focus. Today I have continued on in the arena of digital photography and also find myself enjoying encaustic collage. Digital photography is a vast medium with endless possibilities. I enjoy melding pieces of many different images together in what becomes a photographic collage. The finished pieces often have elements of photographs taken during my travels here in the U.S. and also from distant places such as Italy.
Lately I have been exploring the world of encaustic collage which is such an enjoyable hands-on process. I literally have no idea when I start a piece where it will end up when completed. There is a multiple layering process which starts with the layers of paper and ephemera, progressing with the wax layer and then ending with even more layers of paint, stain and/or varnish after that.