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Lisa Christie

Lisa Christie


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Talbot County
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Welcome to Chesapeake Shoppe. My name is Lisa Christie. I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. As a child, I was a horse lover, and an avid book reader. I wrote stories, crafted things with my mother, and loved acting. I studied theatre arts in college, had a horse and a pony, a smattering of cats and kittens, a couple of dogs, and several parakeets. I have always had a love for the arts and for nature, and I decided to take that love and turn it into something more.

Chesapeake Shoppe first started out as an idea between myself and my husband. He's always wanted a shop that could potentially reflect some of the best aspects of the Eastern Shore of Maryland but we never really had time to devote to that idea. 

I decided to start simple, and focus on learning a craft that would allow me to do that. I've been learning various techniques and ways to put together many of the handcrafted pieces of jewelry you see within my shop. Many of them will feature a recurring theme of blue waves, ocean sands, and sea shells found upon the beach. Many more will focus on my love of animals, and there might be a mix of original flair stashed in there somewhere as well.

I'm still learning and working on my skill as a jeweler, and I can't wait to show off anything new I'm able to offer. I hope that you enjoy the things that I've created. Each piece is a labor of discovery and love.

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