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Artist Work

Red Shoes V
Digital painting on canvas
Red Shoes IV
Digital painting on canvas
94" x52"
Pink A Cherry Blossom Fantasy
2 mins
Red Shoes
Digital painting on canvas
94" x52"
Red Shoes II
Digital painting on canvas
94" x52"

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Media Arts, Other, Traditional Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Personal and poetic, rhythmic and layered, my work merges the world of sound and vision - the internal with the external. It focuses on borderlines ... those mostly invisible boundaries that separate me from you, us from them, reality from fantasy, childhood from adulthood, life from death, us from the natural world. My installations are my attempt at immersing the viewer in my vision of the world. This is how I perceive reality and is my invitation to you to come see it through my eyes. The essence lies in the interaction between the viewer and the artwork, which is why all my installations are immersive and interactive. They are multi sensory experiences, that engage with sound/touch and light. Playful, they unapologetically appeal to our sense of wonder. My digital paintings are divided into series which might at first glance seem disparate but which all are anchored in the poetic use of color, the love of the natural world and the unmasking of the unseen. Reflections and shadows are two perennial subject matters of mine. They are secret doors to our own inner reality. They show us sides of the world, and of ourselves which we tend to ignore. The dual vision of the world created by reflections, seeing simultaneously what is in front and what is behind, what is above and what is below, symbolizes in my work the merging of both the inner and outer realities and is something I have been striving for in my art.

Artist Bio

Liliane Blom is a classically trained painter and award winning photographer whose distinct style mixes her love of both media into a new one; she calls her fusion of painting and photography digital painting.  Her pieces printed on canvas or watercolor paper are later enhanced with oils/pastels and often with gold or silver leaf.  Based in Rockville Maryland, she is of French/Norwegian extraction and a frequent exhibitor in the Washington region as well as an art organizer and curator.  

Liliane Blom is also an installation artist. Her installation art is interactive and often environmental in scope.  They are multi sensory immersive experiences, that engage the viewer with sound/touch and light. Playful, they unapologetically appeal to our sense of wonder.

She is currently working on a large 2500 square foot installation "Pink a Cherry Blossom Fantasy".

Her latest installations include:

Manta the roving art robot 2015

Canned Joy 2013

Connecting with the Light 2012

Her digital paintings are divided in series:

On Golden Ponds


Avian Neural Interface


"Connecting with the Light"

"Four Seasons"