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Laurie Wolfe

Laurie Wolfe


Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

As an artist, I fell in love at an early age, with the minimalism, ceremony, and quiet beauty that so naturally weaves its way through Asian culture. My recent body of work, Indigo Horses, began after having a series of vivid dreams with wild horses in various shades of brilliant indigo blue. In researching indigo, I found that it was prized by royalty, and thought to embody mysticism. It became clear to me that indigo was the perfect color to capture the shimmering exuberance, poignant beauty, and at times, charged visceral strength of these spectacular creatures. I create these pieces on a more intimate scale, to pull people in, to experience the detail of my work on a more personal level. Working with hand-ground French raw indigo pigments and ink, I use classical Japanese sumi-e ink painting techniques and tools. The purity of these materials lends a luminous quality to my work, as I loosely layer color and build textures within each piece. With this approach, I’ve discovered a freer, more fluid way of painting which infuses my work with depth, movement, and a fresh point of view. – Laurie Wolfe, 2015

Artist Bio

Laurie Wolfe was born in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania and currently lives in horse country in Maryland. She received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and attended RISD’s prestigious European Honors Program in Rome, Italy.

She has been exhibiting her work in festivals, group and solo shows in the United States and Italy since the 1980’s, with a focus on painting, photography and mixed media. Her work is held in private collections throughout the U.S.

In a previous life, Wolfe was a Manhattan-based Creative Director who developed cheeky, chic campaigns and commercials for JCrew, Victoria’s Secret and Henri Bendel. She began her career at Vanity Fair magazine, where she developed her love of design and photography while working with Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz.